Virtual digital sand table

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Scope of application
Urban planning, real estate demonstration, venue display, interior design, virtual model house, industrial control simulation, equipment management, virtual production line, historic site restoration, virtual tour, tour orientation, road and bridge planning and design, urban traffic simulation, railway system simulation。At the same time, it is suitable for leaders' visits, investors' visits, etc。
Product advantage
The electronic sand table model has incomparable advantages over traditional simulated sand tables and flat maps:
1, accurate terrain information
Using the national standard topographic map to establish the digital ground model, it can accurately restore the geomorphic form in proportion.
2. Detailed features
The satellite remote sensing image is used as the surface surface to reflect the same information as the ground surface, such as river, vegetation, road and residential area at a glance.
3. The features are intuitive
The color of satellite remote sensing image can simulate the field landscape with reasonable combination of bands and time phase selection.
4, easy to browse
Arbitrary scaling and roaming in the three-dimensional electronic sand table can simulate flight and observe and analyze the target in all directions;
5. Terrain information retrieval
The geographic coordinates and altitude of any place can be queried;
6. Terrain analysis and measurement
The distance, area and volume can be calculated on the above, and the analysis of visibility, section and inundation can also be carried out.
It can simulate the fire, explosion, etc. in any position above, and carry out route selection and planning;
8. Three-dimensional ground facilities
The building and other infrastructure, etc., in a three-dimensional manner;
9. Attribute query
All kinds of information can be directly queried on the three-dimensional electronic sand table;
10. Integrated global Positioning System
Realize tracking and scheduling directly on the 3D electronic sand table

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