Why is the scene design of enterprise exhibition hall the most important thing in exhibition hall design?

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1.Enterprise as exhibition hall,The main purpose is to use for enterprise product display and promotion,And the product display can't just be there like the goods sold in the mall,It's about letting the audience know and remember in the shortest possible time,You have to impress the audience,Otherwise it's easy to forget soon afterwards,It does not achieve the purpose of presentation,Only make the product a scene experience,To impress the audience with visual, auditory and tactile experiences,Therefore, the primary task of enterprise exhibition hall design is to scenarialize the product display。

2.其次,Nowadays, science and technology are developing rapidly,People's material life is extremely rich,It is easy to broaden the horizon through various media, and the information is complicated and redundant,It makes people's visual aesthetic very tiring and easy to work,Therefore, only hearing scenes with a sense of participation can arouse people's interest in participation,Finally achieve the purpose of display and promotion of enterprise brand products。

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