The museum also follows the trend and details the eight advantages of digital exhibition hall design!

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     Today is the 21st century, the rapid development of science and technology, the museum is also following the trend, the high-tech into the museum design, the use of high-end digital technology, to create a digital museum with strong digital interaction, science and technology, and real appeal, so as to make up for the shortcomings of traditional museums in many aspects。In recent years, the wide application of digital exhibition hall design technology in museums has brought visitors a shocking visual feast。So what are the advantages of digital museums using digital exhibition hall design technology?

Preserve cultural relics

Historical relics are priceless, so the relics displayed in the museum need to be protected and there is no room for error。However, when cultural relics are frequently displayed, even in the case of corresponding protection measures, they will have a certain impact on cultural relics. However, digital museums are different. Digital museums can allow exhibits to be copied indefinitely, which can not only extend the life of cultural relics, but also reduce the possibility of being damaged or lost。And some special cultural relics need to be isolated and protected because of their material and age,It becomes very difficult to see these relics up close,However, digital museums can bring these cultural relics close to the "real" display in front of everyone through multimedia interactive technology,It greatly improves the visitor experience。

Vivid and perceptible

There are also various forms of display in digital museums. Compared with the boring of traditional museums, digital museums can bring visitors more interesting experience。In the digital museum, the vivid introduction of some pictures and texts, videos, and some interactive and immersive experiences make every visitor feel personally involved。It helps visitors to have a more realistic understanding of history。

Effective management

Digital multimedia can fully display all the information in the museum, and also can effectively manage the museum information。The digital museum will digitally transform the physical display to show the audience, and create a digital exhibition hall in the traditional museum with the help of interactive technologies such as phantom imaging, interactive projection, virtual book turning, arc screen theater, three-dimensional virtual model, etc. Its display functions are not available in the physical museum。

Break time and space

The digital museum breaks through the barriers of space and time, and can be visited online in a wider range, any time and any place for convenient use。

Integrate resources

The digital museum can integrate, process, upgrade and frequently replace the digital resources of the physical museum (including text, images, sounds, etc.), and use multimedia means to create realistic, vivid and vivid display effects, so that the knowledge and information provided are rich and colorful。

Put into education

The digital museum can set up regular lectures and special educational programs of experts in the education area, design multimedia teaching materials with the school curriculum, and carry out network distance teaching, so as to make knowledge learning more convenient and systematic。

Convenient viewing

Because there is no physical space limitation, digital museum can shuttle between different columns and pages, whether it is to visit exhibitions, appreciate collections, browse news, activity information or participate in learning and discussion, it is very convenient and has absolute autonomy。

Autonomy and voice

Digital museums can use forums, message boards, public mailboxes, etc., to express opinions and suggestions, compared with the physical museum exhibition hall "audience comments" and audience surveys, more objective, true and reflect the respect for personal wishes。

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