How to make the booth more convenient, more environmentally friendly, more "communication" power?

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At present, when domestic and even Asian enterprises participate in the exhibition, they often spend huge sums of money to invite exhibition engineering companies to customize special exhibition booths, in order to show their strength and achieve special display effects。European and American countries, especially German exhibitors often pay more attention to the use of new circular booth materials。System components are one of the most popular of these new materials。By using this material, some problems existing in the current booth design and construction can be solved。

In the exhibition, the booth can be said to be a business card。The criterion for evaluating the success of a booth in the future exhibition is not to see whether its booth is gorgeous, but whether there is communication between the concept it expresses and the visitors, and whether the booth can express the connotation of the exhibits


So, the exhibition booth design should achieve what effect?Simply put, it is to make the audience look pleasing, sound pleasant, and fully mobilize the emotions of the audience。This requires the booth designer to complete two tasks: First, the booth to express the "content" must be recognized by the audience as soon as possible;Secondly, a "spirit" must be given to the booth and exhibitors.。To achieve these two purposes, the booth must have a certain creativity, and this creativity is not only reflected in the design idea, but also needs to be reflected through the display supplies。

Time-saving: strong plasticity

Nowadays, exhibition organizers compress the time for booth construction to be shorter and shorter。For exhibitors, often in order to hurry and not fully consider the design and construction of the booth, often can only make some basic decisions。Therefore, for booth builders, in order to complete the design and construction tasks must often work overtime。Now, pavilions often charge extra for opening hours beyond the eight-hour workday, so overtime hours and pay are not free。Time is getting more and more expensive for booth builders。

So, how do you resolve the relationship between time and money within the available exhibition budget time?

In practice, booth builders and exhibitors like to use system components to build booths。The system components are relatively flexible, do not require a lot of manpower, and can easily translate very unique designs into reality, thus saving a lot of construction time。

In addition, the use of system components can also reduce costs。It has specific advantages: because pre-production does not require a lot of manpower, the price is reasonable;It is easy to transport and store, and the installation is relatively simple, saving a lot of manpower and material costs。At the same time, whether it is set up or dismantled, the required tools are also very simple, and the construction cost can be reduced by recycling。

Environmental protection: reusable

Although the time of the exhibition is very short and the space is very limited, the waste and garbage generated by it are very considerable, so the disposal of waste and garbage has become a very important part of the environmental management of the exhibition。75% to 80% of the waste in the exhibition is generated during the construction and demolition of the booth。

Now, more and more exhibition organizers are charging exhibitors for garbage disposal as a separate item。In this way, how to avoid or reduce the production of waste and garbage as much as possible has become an economic factor that every exhibitor must consider。

Planning in advance, strict management when the booth is built, and planning when the booth is dismantled are systematic solutions to the above problems, and recycling booth construction materials as much as possible has become the fastest way to achieve results。System components can be recycled, and environmentally friendly, because they are usually aluminum, and now there are even paper substitutes, even if the use of bad can be recycled。

Security: More balanced and more secure

The design and construction of the booth must meet the safety requirements。Whether it is a two-story stand or a very large span display wall, the strength of the connections between each component and component and the balance between the various forces must be strictly guaranteed for safety。The system components solve the structural balance and firmness of the booth to some extent, and can help the booth builder save a lot of trouble。

Unique: Combine at will

We emphasize the environmental protection and safety issues of booth construction, which does not mean that the novel and unique design and construction of the booth are ignored。

Although the system components are done in the early stage and assembled in the later stage, it does not mean that the form of the booth will be single and lack imagination if the system components are used。System components can be combined according to the exhibitor's wishes。At the same time, there are many suppliers around the world to provide a wide variety of the latest component materials, with enough technology to meet the needs of booth design and construction。As long as you find a booth builder with rich experience in booth design and construction, exhibitors can achieve the expected exhibition purpose with the help of the builder。

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