Why should exhibition hall design companies pay special attention to graphic content layout design?

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Many exhibition hall design companies are in the process of doing exhibition hall design,The design of graphic content is often ignored in the early stage,Usually do the spatial planning directly,The main reason for this is that most owners are difficult to determine the content of the exhibition hall in a short time when they start to do the preliminary preparation work of the exhibition hall project for various reasons,As a result, the work of the exhibition hall design company can only start from the space design,This can easily lead to inefficiency,Invisible waste delays the project time。Therefore, Beijing shake hands (WOWOSHOW) exhibition company suggests that the exhibition hall design company should put the exhibition hall graphic content design work in the first place in the early stage of the program design, there are three main reasons for doing so: 1.Only after the content of the exhibition hall is determined and designed in advance can it effectively avoid the problem of space proportion division and proportion imbalance in the process of spatial planning.

2.After the graphic design scheme is determined, it is helpful for space planners to grasp the effect of the exhibition hall style and media materials;

3.First determine the plane content and layout can greatly speed up the design speed, greatly save the space planning time。

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