Digital display is a revolutionary technology in exhibition hall design

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Science and technology as a powerful engine to promote the development of productivity, its development speed is extremely rapid, we are entering a real life into the digital virtual era of science and technology, rich and colorful digital technology display means are bound to change people's cognitive way。Therefore, the innovation of exhibition hall design will inevitably be reflected in the innovation of digital technology display means。

Compared with text and speech, people prefer to get information quickly by visual means。An important feature of digital technology display is the visualization of information. In the exhibition hall design, digital technology display is the conversion of obscure and rigid text information and product ideas into digital technology images。

In the exhibition hall design, the application of digital technology display means can combine the image content displayed in the exhibition hall with a variety of multimedia hardware, thus deriving a variety of display forms。Multimedia interactive system is the core of digital technology display technology in the exhibition hall. Through the multimedia interactive system, the audience can realize friendly human-machine interaction through the convenient operation of the touch screen, quickly obtain the information content of interest, and obtain a good user experience。

The production of multimedia sand table is also an important part of the digital technology display means in the exhibition hall design. The multimedia digital sand table combines the digital image content with the sand table model, allowing the audience to see the stereo model and understand the relevant information of the solid model more intuitively。In addition, the exhibition hall design of digital technology display means also include interactive projection desktop, interactive holographic projection, electronic virtual book, virtual reality....With the continuous development of interactive multimedia technology, the display form of digital media display in the exhibition hall will present unlimited possibilities。

Now the exhibition hall design more use of digital technology display means, so that the exhibition hall display content and effect are far beyond the past, the display content has broken through the limitations of time, space and form。It is precisely because of the superiority of digital display means in exhibition hall design, digital technology display cases have been widely used in enterprise exhibition halls, museum displays, planning museum displays, military museum displays and other fields。

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