Exhibition hall design fire safety knowledge

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With the rapid development of the exhibition industry, security risks are everywhere。The effective fire separation of the exhibition hall can prevent problems before they happen, and can also effectively avoid accidental expansion in the event of an accident。Due to the large exhibition space,The controllability of fuel is greatly reduced,This makes it possible for large and unpredictable fires to occur,Under normal circumstances,Auxiliary function rooms will be set up around the exhibition hall,For example: office, meeting room, warehouse and equipment room, etc,To reduce the spread of fire between the function room and the exhibition hall,When designing the exhibition hall,We should consider the effective fire separation between the functional room and the exhibition hall;among,We can use high fire resistance and non-burning body walls and floors,Effectively separate the function room from the exhibition hall,The door of the functional room can be a Grade A fire door,Windows can adopt a series of measures such as fixed grade-A fire Windows,It is also necessary to minimize accidental damage when accidents occur while preventing them from happening。The fire protection setting of the exhibition hall should pay attention to the following aspects:

第一,When the exhibition hall cannot be divided into fire zones by means of firewall or fire shutter because of special shape,Fire isolation belts can be set up according to the overall layout plan of the exhibition hall,Keep the footprint as small as possible,Effectively improve the utilization area of the exhibition hall,The perimeter needs to be able to reach outside,No items are placed on the isolation belt and the space is wide,It can be used as an evacuation route for visitors,Otherwise it may cause the fire isolation belt not only occupy a larger area,And the route is winding.,More likely it won't lead to the main entrance,Not conducive to evacuation。

Second, the evacuation design can be evenly arranged according to the exhibition hall layout and building form, reasonably set evacuation guidance and evacuation indication signs that can maintain visual continuity, reasonably determine the number of people in the exhibition hall according to the size of the area, and design the number of safety exits and evacuation width。

Third, the initial smoke exhaust system and spray system of the exhibition hall construction drawing design should be properly arranged。Most of the exhibition space is high and wide, and the fire load density is relatively high. We should give priority to mechanical smoke exhaust system and adopt mechanical smoke exhaust system, but there are also inevitable special circumstances. When it is difficult to set up mechanical smoke exhaust system in the exhibition hall, natural smoke exhaust can be considered。The size of the opening of the smoke exhaust window is subject to the construction knowledge stipulated by the state, and the upper hanging window is generally not used。The smoke exhaust window should be linked with the automatic fire alarm system, which can be automatically opened in case of fire;In the exhibition hall, the automatic fire extinguishing equipment spray system has the advantage of large water volume, adequate coverage and good control of fire spread。

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