Participate in the exhibition need to prepare a big inventory of promotional materials

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Many exhibitors have spent a lot of thought on the design of the exhibition booth to the design of the exhibition promotional materials。However, inExhibition promotional materialsPiled up, competitors such as the cloud of the exhibition, how to make their own materials more attractive, more customers are willing to take away or save

How to increase points for enterprises?
The promotional materials distributed in the exhibition are nothing more than single pages of products, corporate albums, environmental bags and other printed materials, as customers take the exhibition information backup, if you can do a good job from the details, you can also play a great role。The following is a summary of the five principles of the concept and design of promotional materials。
Aesthetic principle
Booth and publicity materials as a carrier of information communication and transmission should be more novel and beautiful design, it is possible to catch the customer's attention and leave an impression。
Principle of brevity
The exhibition has the characteristics of short time, short cycle and poor continuity. Only through scientific design can the information be concise and informationized, and the clear content is placed in a concise style, which will attract the audience's continued interest。
Principle of lightness
When producing promotional materials, you should consider making it easy for customers to carry, and try to make it light and compact。
Unique principle
Nowadays, people are more inclined to different, novel and unique things, therefore, the design of unique and ingenious integration of their own characteristics of corporate publicity materials to stimulate the audience's senses, is an important law to attract attention。
Principle of practicality
Leaflets, brochures as the carrier of corporate information dissemination, to fine, high-grade paper printed out, the purpose is to let customers happy to save, to achieve publicity。To do this, we do not need to remain static, through other special carriers can also play unexpected effects。
Little sun
Combined with practical functionality, the company's information and LOGO are printed in the usual small items, not too expensive, but relatively durable, and the use cycle is long, such as beautiful environmental bags, postcards, glasses cloth, small desk calendar, mouse pad, notebook, ballpoint pen, key chain and so on。These are the things we often use in our daily life, which can be used as decoration and to meet daily needs, meticulously carried out advertising penetration, and played a subtle role in publicity。

In general, if you want to do a good job of corporate brand promotion at the exhibition and achieve results, it is not necessary to fight, as long as the small exhibition publicity materials are played to the extreme, it can also effectively promote advertising information transmission, help sales, and establish a good brand image of the enterprise。

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